Anonymous asked:

Hate to break it to you, but people don't want the genetics associated with overweight people, such as heart diease, stroke, etc. That is why they don't want overweight people donating eggs. Same reason red heads are usually rejected, or people with lower IQs, or really short people etc. People who use sperm/egg donors want certain genetics.



Yeah duh, people believe that fat and health are directly correlated. 

That doesn’t make them correct?

I have prime ass genetics and egg seekers are missing out. 

There are correlations between fat and health, are you fucking stupid? The fact you believe you have prime genetics clearly shows you don’t you animal


ouch you really are taking down my excellent bone structured, college educated, beautiful, engaged, kind, and intelligent ass.

but i’m fat right so all of that is null.

got called for an interview at buffalo exchange today and i’m like 90% sure i’m definitely not fashionable enough to work there but i’m going to the interview anyway :(